Inspired by the BoxUnion movement, BE is a fiercely fired-up four-week SUNDAY workshop dedicated to empowering girls age 10-12 to identify, define and strengthen their inner super hero.


helping girls be their own super (her)o

At a time for girls that can often feel over-stimulating and overwhelming, BE brings together the unique mind/body benefits of boxing, meditation, education and visualization. The workshop covers subjects spanning from movement and self-defense to finding their voice, following their dreams and being the STAR of their own life.


Designed and taught by women, BE teaches girls to work together as a wonder team and take ownership of their unique super powers that make them who they are. 

SUNDAY, 2/25: BE REAL, 3-4:30 PM

Dolly Klock, MD

Founder of Adolessons

From a very early age, girls are bombarded with images and messages about beauty and feminine norms.  This interactive class allows girls to take a critical look at some of the products, ads, and digital tricks that perpetuate those messages.  Using developmentally appropriate slides and video clips as inspiration, the girls will engage in conversation and activities about what qualities they believe REAL girls possess.  Then we’ll put on our boxing gloves and take our reinvigorated girl power on the bag for a 30 min Punch Party with Deja Riley.

SUNDAY, 3/4: be powerful, 3-4:30 PM

Jenn Cassetta

Self-Defense expert + co-author of Hear Me Roar: How to Defend Your Mind, Body and Heart Against People Who Suck

In this self- defense workshop, girls will learn and practice the ABCs of self-defense: awareness, boundaries and communication. A 3rd degree black belt, Jenn will teach how to spot red flags and listen to your intuition, create personal and physical boundaries and communicate effectively with verbal and non-verbal cues. Adapted specifically for tweens, this class outlines how to get out of dangerous situations utilizing  critical “tools” and life-saving skills.

SUNDAY, 3/11: BE PRESENT, 3-4:30 PM

Amy Budden, founder of Connect The Mind + Alexa Fischer, founder of Wishbeads

This workshop begins with an introduction to the science behind training your brain, followed by a 20-minute guided meditation focused on building a flow state of creativity and happiness. The group will then create their own Wishbeads bracelets with founder, Alexa, who will speak about the powerful impact of visualization. Girls will write their goals for the future, using their own list to create personalized bracelets that serve as daily inspiration. Each girl will take home their own Wishbeads bracelet and meditation recording. We will end the workshop with a 30 minute PUNCH PARTY with Deja Riley. 

SUNDAY, 3/18: BE CREATIVE, 3-4:30 PM

Staci Woo, Founder of House of Woo

In this totally unique workshop, each girl will design their own athletic pants (leggings, track pants or shorts) to take ownership of their style and reflect their inner super hero to the world. Staci Woo will guide the group in sketching out their vision and choosing colors, fabrics, trims and cut swatches.  Not only will girls walk away with an authentic design room experience, but also a one of a kind, original garment that they can rock with pride. Garment take two weeks to produce (a la carte cost is $80 to reflect cost of materials). We will end the workshop with a 30 minute PUNCH PARTY with Deja Riley. 


4-week workshop fee: $200

or $65 per workshop (Be Creative is $80 to reflect the cost of materials)


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