Inspired by the BoxUnion movement, BE is a fiercely fired-up two part workshop dedicated to empowering girls age 8-12 to identify, define and strengthen their inner super hero.


helping girls be their own super (her)o

Recent studies show that 52% of young women report low self-esteem. At a time for girls that can often feel over-stimulating and overwhelming, BE brings together the unique mind/body benefits of boxing, education and teamwork. For our Fall series, we are teaming up with The Sand Sisters to focus on self-love and self-care, providing tools that allow girls to be the STAR of their own life.

Designed and taught by women, BE teaches girls to work together as a wonder team and take ownership of their unique super powers that make them who they are. 


2-3:30 PM


Sand Sister’s #GIRLPOWERFUL model utilizes social-emotional learning to give girls the tools to build a strong sense of self. During this workshop, each girl will have the opportunity to showcase their unique capabilities while completing our “I Am Awesome” worksheet, make new friends and connect to their inner strength. The workshop will culminate with each girl creating and sharing their very own Self-Love Motto.  Next we'll put on our boxing gloves and take our reinvigorated girl power to the bag for a 30 minute Punch Party.

SUNDAY, 10/28

2-3:30 PM


 This workshop focuses on finding a balanced life for young women, with an emphasis on health, physical movement and social well-being. In our Self-Care workshop, girls will learn healthy habits that can be taken into teenage years and adulthood, including their daily DIY Self-Care Check List and “I Am Healthy” Worksheet.

To celebrate, the girls will learn how to clean and moisturize their face and take turns at the Boxer Braid Station. The workshop will end with a 30-minute Punch Party.

workshop fee: $60/ SESSION

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Sand Sisters LA's #GIRLPOWERFUL enrichment program aims to empower youth to build a strong sense of self. Our mission is to make every child feel seen, valued and heard. Our curriculum is based on social emotional learning (SEL) and is endorsed by L. Edmondson, Ed. D. We operate an after school enrichment program (ages 5-12), summer beach camp and female empowerment workouts (ages 22 - 55).  

We have mentored 700 girls in the LA area since 2014. Learn more here.