A coach is here to guide. A coach teaches, pushes, elevates, celebrates and supports. A coach creates communities. A coach’s purpose is larger than a single class.



  • A native Angeleno with nearly a decade of group fitness expertise
  • A master in bringing out your inner athlete and making exercise a feel good experience
  • Obsessed with King Charles Spaniels and will stop people in the street to pet one
  • You'll get lost in the music for an insanely fun twist on fitness boxing




  • Began boxing to perfect his footwork and hand-eye coordination as a young basketball player
  • Kinesiology degree from the University of Michigan
  • Brings technique to the bag with some NYC swag
  • Motivational teaching style that will bring out your best and challenge you to push to the edge


  • Hails from Chi-Town
  • Began his training at the age of 5— following in his father's footsteps as a Boxer and Martial Artist
  • Won 2 National Titles
  • Earned a spot on the USA National Kickboxing team in 2008
  • Heads BoxU private training program
  • Class style features a blend of technique and high-energy fun


  • Arrived in LA by way of San Francisco
  • Danced professionally alongside actors and recording artists
  • Has appeared in multiple Soap Operas
  • Upbeat class style is a killer combo of music, movement and boxing that makes it impossible not to smile through the sweat
  • Yes, you will hear the term “JLo Booty”




  • From your TV to the podium, you can't miss this smile
  • The perfect combo of bootcamp and inspiration, this Phili boy's East Coast flavor can be seen from his boxing style all the way through his playlist
  • "Both in boxing and in life there are times you are met with the unexpected....sometimes you square up to the challenge and other times you just have to roll with the punches” 


  • Graduated from Cornell
  • Developed a fascination with movement and music that became the driving forces behind his passion for fitness
  • Developed his own signature style of strength training that will leave you burning calories for hours
  • Complements boxing with yoga principals of mind-body awareness to build endurance and conditioning


  • Goals-worthy background in entertainment
  • Began her career performing alongside some of the largest names in music (We’re talking Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and yes, that was her next to Queen Bey at the Super Bowl)
  • High-energy class with brutal abs for a euphoric workout