Rachel McClusky


  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

  • Favorite Boxer: Conor McGregor

  • Dinner With One Person: Gabby Bernstein 

  • Favorite Punch: That CROSS

  • Walkout Song: Who Gon Stop Me by Kanye West (Duh)

Her goal in life is to have a rapper gang of dogs and name them Kanye, Jay Z, and Kendrick…need we say more? Growing up as a dancer and singer, Rachel fell in love with boxing because it allowed her to completely zone out and connect with her body in a whole new way (Find that Flowstate!).


With a background in music, movement and meditation she has all the BoxU ingredients our community loves! She’ll give you your daily dose of motivation AND Kanye, which isn’t as easy as one might think!

"I want you to leave my class feeling supported, inspired, connected, and sweaty. You'll walk out feeling stronger than when you walked in."


Jay Z


Justin Bieber


Kanye WEST